Flights News On How To Maintain Aviation Safety In Africa To The International Standards

Flights News On How To Maintain Aviation Safety In Africa To The International Standards

The increased accident rates are the most visible consequence of sub-Saharan Africa’s struggling aviation safety system. Due to lack of political will at the highest levels of government for taking proactive steps on behalf of aviation safety has contributed to the underlying cause of distressing accident rate in this part of the world. However in most cases it may not be that simple. Often the key political officials are not the authorities responsible for safety in aviation. Empowerment of the civil aviation department by the other government branches plays a critical role in enabling much-needed legislative changes. Institutional grievances, lack of communication, difficulty in understanding the international regulatory regime and the economic consequences of not meeting its standards, and outdated regulatory frameworks must be overcome before determination at the top of the political establishment can be effective. Through the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) audits-of states’ government civil aviation departments or independent civil aviation authorities (CAAs) some consequences of the current situation in Africa is discovered. Though formerly audit reports were to be confidential but became public March 1, 2008. Another consequence has been the blacklisting of some African airlines by the European Union. Various African states are working towards improving their safety oversight systems on the basis of the findings of ICAO audits. However, many Africa civil aviation departments, those lacking the autonomy of CAAs, need the international aviation community to work with them in creating an enabling environment. That support will help African aviation professionals get the essential political backing from their government and legislative bodies. Such a campaign to provide the preconditions for political will must focus on a number of issues. Creating Political Momentum. Quite a few African countries have an established safety oversight system based on an outdated legal framework. The laws and regulations sometimes date back to the 1950s or 1960s.They were developed for a completely different era of the aviation industry. Such legal instruments may, for example, be geared to looking at purely technical solutions to safety issues. At best, they may take account of human factors. But hardly any are sufficiently current to tackle the issue of organizational weaknesses, as today’s safety management systems do. When the civil aviation departments try to realize fundamental changes toward the modern legal codes needed for adequate safety oversight then they may face political reluctance. Likewise they may face similar political reluctance when trying to restructure the system in the direction of independent CAAs.The civil aviation department may have to persuade its parent Ministry, the cabinet and parliament that regulatory independence or regionalization is a critical step to move effective supervision and aviation safety improvements. Quite a number of East and Southern African states have members of parliament who represent a district constituency. In such electoral systems, not only in Africa but throughout the world, some members of parliament are influenced by whether they can see political gain in supporting a particular legislative or administrative change to aviation safety oversight legislation. Moreover, members of parliament belonging to the political opposition may sometimes be reluctant to support changes favored by the ruling party. With the transfer of a minister or secretary of transport will often mean new aviation policies and new managers of the civil aviation department. With this changes, in turn, may result in having to start over again in familiarizing the new officials with aviation safety issues and the need to push for changes in laws and regulations or for regulatory independence from politics. Members of parliament, however, usually remain in office for their full term. They are a more constant force in government. It would certainly help aviation departments to have explanatory documentation written for a non-aviation audience to sensitize new members of parliament and ministers about the roles and international responsibilities of the aviation regulators. Such documentation should also explain the relevance of aviation safety to possible blacklisting and subsequent consequences for tourism and trade. That may also help win the support of key political players. Civil Service Realities. Another ingredient for political will is recognition of civil service realities. After all, resistance to restructuring of aviation departments may come from many professional corners. While there are opportunities for aviation inspectors to earn considerably more by moving to a commercial aviation job as a typical middle management civil servant in many African states may earn no more than us$ 500 per month. Also the government can not justify why a particular class of civil servants or experts, namely those in aviation, should earn significantly more than others. More and more, the international aviation community considers the regionalization of safety oversight to be the best way to solve deficiencies in safety supervision.However, regional cooperation brings up issues of national independence and pride in Africa, just as it does elsewhere in the world, so the road to regionalization is not easy. An added complication in the case of African countries with a district electoral system is that decisions about these solutions may be put to members of parliament who may have no direct political interest in approving them. While regional cooperation is a very constructive path, it should not lead to delaying the building of national capabilities. This is particularly true since lengthy development times are usually involved with such regional solutions. Capability build-up at a national level can very well be gradually integrated into the regional entity in due time. The civil aviation department should consider salary top-ups –a supplemental income for key safety oversight experts and this will serve as a temporary solution. Salary top-ups are contentious issue but may provide a bridge to more structural solutions such as regional oversight organizations. In fact, even the ICAO cooperative Development of Operational Safety and continuing Airworthiness Program (COSCAP) projects rely indirectly on salary top-ups. Salary top-ups help keep professionals with international qualifications available for critical civil service positions and other economic sectors are the health sector. In some cases, top-ups are supported by international community. Examples from other sectors seem to indicate that the costs involved in salary top-ups could be borne fairly easily by the international community. Sharing Experience of Regulatory Independence. A campaign for political understanding can also draw on experiences with regulatory independence in other countries wave of political and financial independence for government departments throughout Africa in the early 1990s has brought mixed experiences. The civil aviation through the collection of navigation and landing fees it has been empowered to use the finances for its operations. Through political independence the organization can operate outside the political mainstream. It then no longer has to devote previous resources to routinely addressing purely political issues. For those countries that the aviation industry may be too small to generate sufficient revenues for a financially independent CAA, then in these cases, regionalization of safety oversight may be a solution. The African region can be helped by assistance in the form of tools to build an economic case for an independent civil aviation authority. Parliaments in Africa may want to know what are the credible sources of income for an authority-only with sufficient income can an authority survive on its own.The amount of revenue that is generated by a particular level of industry activity is quite often difficult to quantify, however. Though a number of documents describe the tasks of a civil aviation authority, but they provide no logical explanation of the raison d’être for a civil aviation authority and its critical function in aviation safety based on state responsibilities. The international aviation safety community should consider organizing a program that enables countries in the region to learn from countries that already have established a CAA. Raising Public Awareness. Improving media reporting on the international safety oversight responsibilities that have to be met by aviation authorities will also have to be an ingredient of the ‘political understanding’ campaign. Also ensuring numerous articles on safety are written in which responsibilities and powers of ICAO are misinterpreted. The media often do not understand the international expertise that is required to provide adequate safety oversight. Such experts can easily seek greener pastures in a growing industry in Africa or in other regions of the world, such as the Middle East. Some news stories may be based on little or no research, encouraging unjustified public resistance to establishing financially and politically independent authorities and higher salary structures based on international standards. Some countries pay specific attention to the deficiencies in air navigation services, as well as the inconsistency between deficiencies and the charges for these services. The most notorious subject is radar coverage. Since it is one of the most visible pieces of infrastructure, the media eagerly pick up the issue, followed by calls for better navigation facilities and VHF radio communication coverage in controlled areas.However, there are other areas of aviation safety such as safety oversight that also deserve attention. Tanzania is among the countries that have taken the important step of organizing aviation

The Rise And Fall Of Aviation Business In Africa ? 2010

The Rise And Fall Of Aviation Business In Africa ? 2010

With many brand new and rising airlines in Africa, the overall performance of continent surpassed objectives. Where there were numerous brand-new arrivals and increased flight frequencies to numerous African locations, the grounding of Ghana International earlier in the day this present year, produced an enormous space for the people searching for flights to Accra. The center of Safari, sunlight and Surf Africa remained glowing throughout the year and a rise in flights into the continent in July and December came since rather a shock.

Nation smart evaluation of flights to and from Southern Africa can be employs:

1. South Africa:

This travel capital around the globe remained in lime light for the very first and second quarter of the year considering FIFA 2010 soccer globe glass organized in its capital metropolitan areas Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban. Not just routes to Southern Africa enhanced but also even more five star hotels established to enjoy globe cup fans.

The group proceeded visiting South Africa, even with World glass last and the historic triumph of Spain. The brand new arenas and renovations including a city train in South Africa tend to be brand-new tourist attraction opened this year. Total, flights to Southern Africa topped.

2. Nigeria:

After dissolution of Nigerian national leading carrier, only recently a personal flight Arik Airways has started offering low priced routes to Lagos and direct routes to Abuja. Unlike the liquidated leading carrier, Arik turned out to be the brand new face of Nigeria. The airline succeeded making its place in the marketplace in matter-of months. Its fast growth, large standard and unmatchable overall performance acquired it a spot among the list of top air companies in African Continent and also on the list of quickest growing air companies regarding the whole broad globe. Arik Airways features revived tourism in Nigeria. The nation’s recently added attraction “Abuja Carnival” also proved rather a tourism booster in 2010.

3. Ethiopia:

Ethiopian Airline can be a very good African provider that do not only serves the demand of direct flights to Addis Ababa Ethiopia, and provides routes to neighboring landlocked countries. Its flights to Harare and Johannesburg may popular.


4. Kenya:

Kenya’s national service Kenya Airways is named the “pride of Africa”. Oahu is the most effective airline with a remarkable present and a brighter future. Kenya additionally runs code share flights with Top European flight KLM and will be offering direct routes to Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya.

5. Zimbabwe:

The nation’s top carrier is Air Zimbabwe providing direct flights to Harare, Victoria Falls, Bulawayo also linking flights to Johannesburg. Zimbabwe performed the average although flight rates crawled higher this year in December.

6. Zambia:

Zambia’s well-known for tennis programs and at the very top safari experience, one of its sorts. Routes to Lusaka, the administrative centre of Zambia are only popular among those who can dare to mix their budget.


7. Ghana:

Ghana suffered greatly whilst the bankrupted Ghana Global Airline couldn’t offer any refunds up to now. The united states is now given direct routes by Virgin Atlantic.

8. Libya:

Air Afriqiyah operating routes via Tripoli to Lagos, Abuja, Dhaka, Johannesburg and many various other locations stayed the very best range of budget travelers. Though Libya as a country, couldn’t manage to have more attention from Western tourists.

9. Tanzania:

Dar es Salaam has-been well-traveled this year however mainly by immigrants and settlers and hardly ever tourists.

10. Egypt:

Egypt saw a growth in routes to Cairo and routes to Sharm el Sheik as UNITED KINGDOM’s nationwide provider British Airways today provides bargains on routes to Egypt in every three classes.

The main challenge for Aviation industry in Africa is two fold taxation. The federal government must assist the in addition to airline providers need to help by themselves besides.

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Aviation News Africa for African Airlines ,Airline News,Bussiness Aviation,Aviation sports

Aviation News Africa for African Airlines ,Airline News,Bussiness Aviation,Aviation recreations

Aviation has grown to become very important into the bussiness world bussiness  especially linking  the whole world  within  hours and making bussiness deals  sealed within a short time without worying  the exact distance.

The aviation industry the previous many years has been searching for ways to make atmosphere transport even more less expensive and affortable by attempting to manufacturer inexpensive  aircrafts  just like the Deamliner  787 that may decrease expenses to 20percent which is offered to consumers and  by in addition reducing the price per chair by creating almost two fold  sitting capability associated with the aircraft.




Great news the opening of ORLY AIRPARK  in  Nairobi ,Kenya for activity,sports and pilot instruction  because of the Chairman Aero Club  as well as the Executive Officer Kenya AIR operator  Col  (Rd) Waithaka recently ending. It will decongest the Wilson Airport which can be one of the busiest Airport in Africa both for Commercial  flights into National Parks & Reserves in East Africa and personal charters to Major Cities in Africa.Infact almost all of the flying schools like Kenya School of Flying have previously moved its pilot education school and maintenance to Orly Airpark plus they investors and are usually adding a boarding flying college.Orly Airpark is had with almost 25 investors who either very own exclusive charter companies in Kenya or motels.It can be found in Kajiado district,Isinya,Olooitikosk,Kiserian  coordinates S01degrees34.52  E  036degrees 48.66  Elevation  5500 ft Runnway lenghth  1200 murram,Runnway proceeding  10/28,15/1200 caution hold paying attention on 118.2 & Nairobi Radar 122.3 becoz there might be skydiving ,glidding and ballooning in progress.


TAAG Angola Airline features relauched its flights between Luanda and Lisbo precisely two years most likely routes were suspended by the Safety Commission of this European Commission.The bans tend to be imposed on those companies the Commission seems ddo n’t have satisfactory protection requirements. Ameeting of Portugals nationwide Civil Aviation Institute (INAC) held in July advised that Angolas nationwide airline be taken from the blacklist to be able ro relaunch flights amongst the two countries.

The faculty of Commissioners accepted  this tips and August 1,A BOEING 777-200ER became popular from Angolan money enroute to Lisbon.According  to astatement issued by INAC it will likewise need to present reports into Safety Commission “with a view to removing all Angolan airlines from so-called blacklist”

The Safety Committee is a consulting  selection of the Commission that evaluates the safety of air transportation in different countries for the world.At the full time it absolutely was prohibited TAAG done six flights per week between Lisbon and Luanda.In April the Commission noted “considerable progresss” was in fact made by the flight but opting, however , to keep  the ban regarding Angolan airline.INAC additionally stated that its participation had been “important ” for gaining authorization for TAAG to travel to Lisbon,specifically via its collaboration protocol featuring its equivalent in Angola,Invac.TAAG  Angola Airlines (Linhas Aereas de Angola) is the national flag provider of Angola.Based in Luanda,the airline features alarge domestic system and routes to other components of Africa and South  America.Like Ethiopian Airlines and Southern African Airways ,TAAG happens to be certainly one of ythe  few profitable sub-saharan African carriers plus one regarding the few to recently buy recently built aircraft as opposed to second-hand plane. It’s 100per cent state-owned by the Angolan federal government and itself owns 100% subsidiary Angola Air Charter.



Zambian carriers are also identified  as problematic but based on regional airline, Proflight Zambia ,the major reason for this is within Zambia ,the licensing procedure ( thin system of overseeing) is performed because of the Ministry of Transport whereas the whole world norm is actually for certification becoming done-by Civil Aviation Authority.

According  to a spokesman for Proflight the way the blacklisting has been reported ,including by the British international Office Advisory for Travel, signifies that Zambian aviation as a business is hazardous.Proflight is working with great britain national to deal with the problem of the FOAs wording.


Delta Air Lines has actually indefinitely delayed  its flights between Atlanta and Luanda ,Angola,just nine months after first announcing its plans to run to Luanda Via Sal Island,Cape Verde. This employs the suspension of their Cape Town service plus the postponement of its Kenya solution in July.



Kenya Airways launched  direct routes to Ndola-Second largest city in Copper-rich Zambia – on 19 September,just two weeks after starting routes to Gaborone.

The double regular  routes will leave from Nairobi every Thursday and Saturday.Ndola becomes the 36th African location inside KQ  network with current improvements becoming to  CONGO-Brazaville and Lebreville: launched in March  and Summer this season correspondingly.This makes Kenya Airways ‘schedule towards Southern Africa area,a really powerful one whilst currently works three daily frequencies into Johannesburg, and dual dailies to Lusaka,10 flights a week to Lilongwe ,Malawi and Harare , andd three-weekly routes to Maputo.

With a populace of over 774000,Ndola is the inddustrial,commercial,administrative and distribution hub of the copperbelt,Zambias copper-mining region and has among the three internationals airports, other individuals becoming Livingstone and Lusaka.Kenya Airways has increased its regularity to Sychelles three times a week on Tuesdays,Wednesdays and Thursdays.Unfortunately the airline suspended its everyday  routes to Kisumu as from September 7 ,2009.Thism is because of the remodelling and fixes at Kisumu Airport By Kenya Airports Authority therefore the repairs are required becoming completed by end of November this year.Kenya Airways very first received IOSA certification in 2005 and subsequently had the certification newedd in 2007.


Asia is to obtain its very first personal jet airport as Shanghais Hongqiao Airport,and it must be ready eventually for World Expo next year ,according to reports in a Chinese newsprint.

The programs make supply for a 3000sq meter terminal using its very own inspections,quarantine and traditions areas along with agarage with area for three bussiness plane. Up to 4000 business flights are expected to-arrive in Shanghai through the  World  Expo or more to 6000 exclusive routes per year by 2015 .Presently some 2000 private  flights run in China unnually.


On August 31 2009 Cessna Aircraft Company revealed the delivery associated with the first Cessna Citation X become fitted with Elliptical Winglets. The Winglets had been installed at the Wichita Cessna Service Centre under Winglets Technologys US Federal Aviation  Administration-  accepted Supplemental Type Certificate.Cessna Winglets tech,LLC,collobarated to produce the latters patented Elliptical Winglet for retrofit on Cessnas Citation X  bussiness jet.The branded Elliptical Winglet shape guarantees the lift circulation closely matches maximum lift circulation  a lengthy the course of the wing , which reduces the induced drag of aircraft .The ensuing drag decrease enhances functional perfomamce for Citation X  including reduced gas usage,increased speed andd increased range,Winglet Technology got FAA endorsement regarding the Elliptical  Winglet set up in the Citation X in Summer and delivered the initial  FAA approved retrofit kit into Wichita Cessna provider Centre .The retrofit kit includes flight and businesses manual supplements alongside an updated variation  of CESSNAV for consumers who have bought that registration service from Cessna.In addition to the installing of the Elliptical Winglets, the retrfit system includes the replacement of present ant-collission and position light system with Light-emitting Diode versions.Plans are underway available installing the Elliptical Winglets STC on the Citation X  at  all nine Cessna Service Centres located through the entire United States and  in Europe.Cessna components circulation will be supplying spares support for Catation Xs because of the Elliptical Winglet STC  installed.Thye Citation X  will be worlds  fastest non-military plane with a premier rate 0f .92 mach,just in speedd of sound.The Citation X  is the top of Cessnas line of light andd midsize bussiness jet.


The  City  of Potchefstroom plays host for this years yearly North West Province Air Show in October  2009.The countries banner  Carrier ,South African Airways and South African Air Force are tremendous followers of  North West Province aviation.

The city is well known to be ann educational center and is one of  two college urban centers when you look at the province, the other becoming Mafikeng. It really is situated 145 kilometers toward Soth western of Johannesburg on the primary artiel N12  path andd consumes a significant put on the key railroad line between Gautang therefore the Northen and west Cape.

a medium-sized town with a populace of approximately 250,000 the town is handled by the Tlokwe town council. Potcefstroom is however,niot just an institution lovcation.Enjoying optimum temperatures of only over 29 degreess centigrade,the weather is hot and dry during summer and mild in winter.Average yearly rainfall is 767mm.

Thwe airfield ,once a hectic Southern African Air energy air base, has become an increasingly well-known connect to all of those other nation.Although  nevertheless applied to occasion