Aviation Giants – Airbus

Aviation Giants – Airbus
During the early 70’s widebody airplanes like Boeing 747, Douglas DC-10 and Lockheed L-1011 “Tristar” were a synonym of comfort and huge capability. After ten years of american hegemony when you look at the sky, a new opponent showed up regarding horizont and the battle took fire on brand-new territories. He exceeded the rivalry between Boeing and McDonnell Douglas simply to burst into a duel between western Europe additionally the American. The brand new airplane-manufactoring monster, which gradually ended up being gathering strenght resistant to the american domination available on the market, had been a kid of this joint-venture between France, Germany, the united kingdom and Spain. The collating for the biggest countries in europe had not been accidental, because previous every one of them alone has suffered a reverse into the try to get over the leaders across the sea – the frenchmen with regards to “Mercury” and “Caravelle”, the English due to their “Trident”. However now, at the beginning of the21th century, Airbus is the best selling airplane-manufactoring business on earth, lefting behind the archirival Boeing.

Airbus Industries had been launched in december 1970 by four consortiums: Aerospatiale – France (37.9per cent), Daimler-Benz Aerospace – Germany (37.9percent), Brit Aerospace – UK (20per cent) and Casa – Spain (4.2percent).

Airbus A 300-600 ST Beluga

The freighter made his first flight in 1994. Their assigment would be to transport different areas of the Airbus airplanes (including – wings, human anatomy, motors) through the maker into Airbus works in Toulouse, France. Due to his certain kinds, Beluga is called “the traveling whale”.

Technical specs:

Lenght: 55.16m

Wingspan: 44.84m

Level: 17.25m

Number: 1 665-5 700km

Airbus A 300

Airbus A 300 could be the very first widebody aircraft with two motors, assigned to move passangers between the

european capital places. The airplane can carry 250 individuals in two-class and 336 in one-class configuration. The first flight happens to be made on 28th of october 1972. Ever since then 250 airplanes has been doing five versions – B1, B2, B4-200, C4/F4, 600 and 600ER.

Specialized specifications:

Lenght: 54.08m

Wingspan: 44.84m

Level: 16.53m

Number: 6 968km

Airbus A-310

The second design is assigned to fly on long-range spots. The first journey was made on the 3rd of april 1982. The brand new plane features faster fuselage than A 300 and will carry less passangers. You will find four versions for this plane – 200, 200C, 200F, and 300.

Technical specs:

Lenght: 46.64m

Wingspan: 43.89m

Height: 15.80m

Number: 9 175km

Airbus A-318

Airbus A318 is the smallest Airbus in the marketplace. He is one of the A320 household. The plane can carry 100 passangers. Thanks to the latest machines and technologies, A318 is the most rantabile plane at present. They can compete with local aircrafts like Embraer and Bombardier.

Technical specifications:

Lenght: 31.75m

Wingspan: 32.43m

Level: 11.76m

Range: 4 500km

Airbus A-319

The exploatation associated with the A-319 begins in-may 1996 given that jet flies for very first time within the colours of Swissair.

The design is a shortened version of A-320 plus in two-class configuration can carry 126 passangers. With his range and ability, A-319 can participate the dutch Fokker 100.

Specialized specs:

Lenght: 33.84m

Wingspan: 34.10m

Height: 11.76m

Number: 4 500km

Airbus A-320

Regarding air event in Le Bourget regarding 6th of june 1981, Airbus provides their newest project – the A-320.

Built on the modern airspace technologies, A-320 works well, efficient and easy for exploatation and maintance, & most important – cheaper than the the other airplanes inside segment. A-320 can carry 146 passengers and tips into exploatation for Air France in 1988. Over 1100 aircrafts have-been built since 1984.

Technical specs(A-320-200):

Lenght: 37.57m

Wingspan: 34.10m

Height: 11.76m

Range: 5 551km

Airbus A-321

A-321 could be the 4th airplane associated with A-320 family. He is a longer version of the bottom design – A-320. A-321 is assigned to carry 220 passangers in two-class configuration. His optimum take-off weight is 89 000kg.

104 airplanes have already been sent to the air companies.

Technical specs(A321-200):

Lengt: 44.51m

Wingspan: 34.10m

Level: 11.80m

Number: 4 907km

Airbus A-330

In november 1992 – 12 months following the very first journey of A-340, will be taking off the first A-330. He could be the greatest two-engine airplane of Airbus. There are two variations of A-330 – A330-200 and A-330-300. The A-330-300 gets the exact same proportions because the A-340-300 but with two motors less in accordance with 335 passangers can travel 8900km without refueling. He’s in addition 20per cent lighter as compared to A-340-300 and has now take-off weight of

208 000kg.

Technical specs(A-330-300):

Lenght: 63.65m

Wingspan: 60.30m

Level: 16.84m

Range: 8 900km

Airbus A-340

Unique interest deserves the A-340 that will be built as a remedy of Boeing 777. This four-engine, long-range plane tends to make their very first flight on the 25th of october 1991. There are four variants of this jet – A-340-200, -300, -500 and -600. The differents between them will be the measurements, the capability and range. Alltogether 286 A-340s tend to be brought to the airlines.

Technical specs(A-340-200):

Lenght: 59.39m

Wingspan: 60.30m

Height: 16.74m

Range: 13 805km

Ability: 262 (3-class config)

Technical specs(A-340-300):

Lenght: 63.65m

Wingspan: 60.30m

Height: 16.74m

Number: 12 325km

Ability:295 (3-class config)

Technical specs(A-340-500):

Lenght: 66.83m

Wingspan: 63.60m

Height: 17.74m

Range: 15 355km

Capacity: 316 (3-class config)

Technical specs(A-340-600):

Lenght: 74.37m

Wingspan: 63.85m

Level: 17.14m

Number: 13 960km

Capability: 375 (3-class config)

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The author – Hristo Stefanov, is a publisher in Aviation World Blog.