Fuel-easy Aviation Fuel Tank For Helicopter Tansport

Fuel-easy Aviation Fuel Tank For Helicopter Tansport
Helicopter providers have been using SEI’s Fuel-Easy aviation gas tank for over twenty-five many years as SEI sectors FireFlex Product Group has furnished transportation and storage space solutions for water, chemical compounds, and gasoline particularly created for collapsibility, transportability, and quick setup to crazy land firefighting organizations.

The Fuel-Easy system aviation gas tank is a collapsible outside fuel container specifically made for safe and cost-efficient helicopter transportation to and from remote web sites and provide temporary storage space internet sites. The Fuel-Easy aviation gas tank has actually a cutting-edge external-framed, textile gas container design takes a lot of the risk from gas hauling for helicopter operators and the ones on the ground.

The Fuel-Easy aviation gas tank is a top-filling and bottom-emptying (with standard camlock fixtures) bladder made of pliable, puncture resistant material. The collapsible kidney permits no dangerous vapour area or prospective moisture condensation and gets rid of the need of this dangers of gasoline transfer from to fuel material drums. With effortless setup in five full minutes, it’s perfect for resupply businesses for wild land firefighting or remote work web sites. It is easy to make use of and sturdy when vacant fits in two, light carry bags.

A helicopter tethered cargo load that changes its form during flight is dangerous and may require severe operator control dilemmas forcing paid off flight rates. The Fuel-Easy aviation gasoline tank flies safely and keeps no unexpected situations in flight. Unlike a fuel drums package, the Fuel-Easy’s bladder rests within a rigid frame that guarantees a symmetrical setup in the air without spinning in the hook. Additionally, considering that the kidney collapses with limited loads, it nevertheless maintains the aerodynamic drag needed for steady trip. The Fuel-Easy’s lightweight, aerodynamic design permits transportation Fuel-Easy aviation gasoline container at maximum cruise speed and offers higher capability and gas savings in comparison to using hefty drums.

Fuel-Easy models are normally taken for little into the huge. The Model Fe-150 has a 150 IMPG (180 USG, 680 LITERS) capacity and weighs in at 1368 LBS (620 KG) full whereas the FE-1050 holds 1050 IMPG (1260 USG, 4775 LITRES) at 9286 LBS (4212 KG).

In conclusion, the Fuel-Easy aviation gasoline tank makes helicopter transport of fuels a smooth, simple, safe, and value efficient operation.
Include SEI’s Slimline Helipump remote gas pump system (10 US GPM/37 LPM, 24 VDC, 10 AMP electric pump and filter) with a carrying case that fits quickly into a helicopter cargo area and offers safe, metered transfer of clean gasoline in remote websites.

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