The Company That Engineer Innovative Aviation Options

The Business That Engineer Innovative Aviation Systems

Quality in the aviation solutions business implies satisfying your client’s certain demands with accuracy focused, state-of-the-art solutions that improve their working capacities. Frontrunners in development, Cascade Aerospace are suffering from a track record of surpassing business criteria by collaborating with a few of the most extremely acknowledged companies when you look at the aerospace and aviation field to help consumers preserve exceptional degrees of operational functionality.

Headquartered in Abbotsford, BC, Cascade Aviation lovers with pioneering army, OEM and commercial customers undergoing handling complex long-lasting integrated aircraft service support programs. With over 500 workers, Cascade offers the qualified expertise to engineer aviation solutions that mirror the company’s exemplary commitment to working superiority.

That commitment also holds over into the administration staff, just who lead their particular area with more than a century of combined knowledge in the aviation and aerospace companies.

The company acts as the client interface hub for all working planning inside the field of task management. Their task administration workplace works right along with their consumers to make use of best-in-class solutions to assist in their particular operational access. These solutions are custom built to meet the client’s prices, scheduling and quality requirements.

As recognized leader in strategic fleet management, Cascade’s expert solutions assist businesses to assess the overall performance of the aircrafts. Through detail by detail performance tracking and co-ordination, the company can ensure their customers have the best out of their sources. They even conduct in-depth annual and long-term planning in regards to the optimal working, engineering, usage of materials and maintenance scheduling when it comes to customers’ fleet so that you can increase their functional availability.

Cascade’s aviation experts provide a plethora of solutions to simply help clients meet their particular functional demands, including custom item design, manufacturing and official certification. With a 30-year history of building and getting airworthiness approvals for significant aircraft changes, the expert staff of aviation engineers at Cascade is widely skilled in all areas aerospace maintenance. This substantial upkeep back ground includes years of experience repairing aircraft structures, methods, avionics, interiors, as well as electric and flight analysis devices.

Through their advanced integrated logistics solutions, Cascade helps consumers recognize and solve assistance resource inadequacies of their systems performance during in-use period of aviation gear. Their particular aviation designers strive to spot systems weaknesses prior to signs or offer string failures materializing, in order that architectural integrity and ideal running capability tend to be meticulously preserved.

Additionally, each aviation professional within the Cascade Aerospace team is an expert at forecasting vital systems needs. This means that the business can form targeted assessment programs for the various parts of this jet, including the airframe, significant systems and elements. This intensive inspection procedure helps you to enhance spare component area plus product costs and ensures that businesses are structured by applying a scientific control to get results scheduling and free components delivery for an even more effective ways achieving long haul planning pattern and annual working requirements.

Cascade Aerospace Inc. is a powerful, privately-held Canadian niche aerospace and defence specialist focused on providing long-lasting built-in aircraft assistance programs for first gear brands [OEMs], armed forces, government and commercial consumers.

Aviation Career Preparation and Course Options

Aviation Career Preparation and Course Options

Preparation for a career in aviation can be done by completing an accredited educational training program. Students can find the school, college, or degree program that is right for them and begin learning about the opportunities available. Aviation education programs are designed to provide the training and preparation that is needed to enter into a successful career. There are a variety of career and training options to choose from allowing students to obtain the training and career they desire.

*Degree Options

There are numerous opportunities available to those looking to receive an accredited education in aviation. Students can enroll in a school or college that offers this type of training to prepare for the career they dream of. Choices include earning an accredited certificate, or associate, bachelor, or master level degree. Training at the various levels will require different amounts of time be spent on educational training. Certificate programs can last up to one year. Associate degrees can take two years and prepare students for a four year bachelor degree program. Master degree programs will typically require an additional two years of accredited study to complete. Students can start by pursuing the level of education that is needed for their desired career.


Different schools and colleges will offer various coursework that relates to the career and level of education that is being pursued. Students can look forward to studying topics that will teach them about flying, engineering, dispatching, maintenance, and more. Coursework will vary but may consist of subjects such as aeronautical science, physics, aerodynamics, atmosphere and weather, fuel systems, and much more. Other studies that may be necessary can include hands on learning in areas like emergency procedures, mechanics, flight principles, and more. Once an accredited education has been received in this field they will be ready to enter into the workforce and seek the employment that they desire.

*Career Possibilities

By obtaining a higher education in aviation, students will be prepared to enter into the profession they desire. Opportunities exist in a variety of areas allowing them to select the specialization that is right for them. Options include pursuing a career as an aircraft dispatcher, aircraft mechanic, pilot, avionic technician, and many other careers. Enrollment in an accredited school or college will help to prepare students for work in communications, government, manufacturing, and much more. Educational training programs will help students to learn electronic systems, transportation, navigation, and more depending on the career they wish to enter.

Accredited aviation schools and colleges are able to offer students the best quality education available to them. There are a variety of agencies that are approved to accredited qualifying educational training programs. The Council on Aviation Accreditation is one of these agencies that can fully accredit schools and colleges that meet all requirements. Students can research programs to find one that meets their need and request more information to begin the path to a new career. By enrolling today you can be on your way to the future you deserve and desire.


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